Good UV filter on 14-54 II?

Started Aug 21, 2009 | Discussions thread
Rocko Wallaby
Rocko Wallaby Forum Member • Posts: 78
Re: B+W MRC or Heliopan SH-PMC

I also use B+W MRC filters on my lenses and like James, I've never been able to detect any difference in picture quality. I don't use them as a 'filter' per se but rather for protection. When shooting near water or in the rain (using the original 'weather-resistant' camera comprised of a plastic baggy with a hole cut in it for the lens, held in place by a rubber band) I don't hesitate to grab a hanky from my pocket to wipe the moisture off the front of the filter. If I end up wiping the coating off the filter or scratching it I'll just buy another (but I haven't had to do that so far).

Good shooting!

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