Canon Macro 100mm with Kenko tubes vs Raynox M-150

Started Aug 22, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Canon Macro 100mm with Kenko tubes vs Raynox M-150


I recentlly purchase Kenko extention set with 3 tubes, my main goal was to get higher magnification from my Canon 100mm lens and after some test I must say that I'm a little disappointed. Here a little comparison.

Note: Since origial photos were too big all were resize to 1000x667. Focus was on upper right corner of stone. stone length is about 1cm or 0.5 inch

Natural Canon 100mm - Trying to get the closest position with Auto Focus

Raynox M-150 - closest macro with auto focus

Kenko 3 tubes - closest macro with auto focus

As you can see the Raynox do a much better job when auto focusing. I could still get focus when I got very close to the object.

Raynox M-150 - closest macro manually

Kenko 3 tubes - closest macro manually

Here we can see that the maximum magnification between the two is not that diffrent when setting the lents to 1:1 macro and get as close as possible.

So as a result It looks as if both Kenko and Raynox give the same maximum magnification but the focus with Raynox is much easier.

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