No 60D, no surprise

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David Hull
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Re: 50D amazing high ISO? Are you kidding?

Jay Adeff wrote:

Um...the last time I checked DPReview's test of the 50D, the high ISO noise was anything but amazing:

"We're by no means saying the 50Ds image quality is bad but it's simply not significantly better than the ten megapixel 40D. In some areas such as dynamic range and high ISO performance it's actually worse and that simply makes you wonder if the EOS 50D could have been an (even) better camera if its sensor had a slightly more moderate resolution."

Yeah I know, everyone thinks DPReviews tests are flawed and inaccurate and worthless and...blah...blah...blah...

Take a look at the DxO test site and you will see that the40D, the 50D and the D300 preform pretty much identicaly.

Steven wrote:

You people are amazing. High iso on cameras today including the 50d are amazing. 50D is a great camera period. Do you really think the 60d will be that much better?

Sounds to me like since there was no announcement its like mommy took the spoon away.

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