Magenta edge tinging at high ISO and a possible solution...

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Re: PROGRESS: You might like to try this...

jamesm007 wrote:

Try it to get ready and sorry for the delay.

If you had no delays you would scare me that's programming and logic.

Yup, James, don't want to scare anybody but I probably only have about a total of about 16 hours in on the actual programming for this project as I am working on a few other things during normal work hours.

However just for some feedback for you. On my home PC running XP I unpacked and put your folder on my desktop. I opened it and double clicked your executable, the user interface did not appear so I clicked it again... finally I had 3 user interfaces on my desktop, lesson learned give it a few moments to appear

Time to open will depend on how much memory you have available to DotNet, as the Memory Garbage Collection to clear memory for the JIT compiler is a frequent delay. Also, the whole DotNet runtime has to be loaded and initialized if you haven't used it since the last boot, as Windows XP tends not to need to do (Vista and Windows XP are partly based on DotNet so it is already loaded and initialized on boot/log on).

I just chose a source file from yesterday with a bunch of those DNG viewfinder cap tests and used the same folder for the destination folder. It proceeded to rather quickly convert the files. When finished the log showed about half completed and half not, it had errors. Here is are the errors I will only show two as all the rest are the same. Maybe I did something wrong so I wanted a clean file becuase...

Error correcting K20D4717.DNG: Object reference not set to an instance of an > object.

This is due to the file being tied up by another application and not available for even shared reading.

Error correcting K20D4718.DNG: Compressed format not currently supported!

some of these files I opened it ACR so... I don't know if they were altered from the originals or not.

Yes, as I warn users in the ReadMe file (RTFM :D), the program does not support compressed DNG's, which by default Lightroom automatically does re-write to compressed when it opens any DNG.

I then took some test shots to create a file I know has none of the files opened by another program. Your program again quickly processed all files and no errors this time

The program did add a "mc_" prefix to all the files. I got excited and proceeded to compare, then I read all the directions lol.

Yup, just reads the files, unpacks the data, repacks the data, rescales the WB with a smudge factor of 1.0, and writes the data back to the same format as supported.

I did not have to use a CMD window, or anything, it just ran.

A command window or batch file is only necessary for running under Mono.

My OS is just XP with .net ver 3.

No surprises here. I hope no one else has any more surprises than this. And now you know how the program will work in a few days when I release version, which will actually do something!

Best regards, GordonBGood

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