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G11 shutter delay

Started Aug 20, 2009 | Discussions thread
Graystar Veteran Member • Posts: 8,373
Re: G series shutter delay

gordonsbuck wrote:

Almost all "automatic" cameras of the last decade or so make use of the half-pressed shutter button. It is not necessary to include any kind of AF or exposure tracking to take advantage of the half pressed shutter button.

Half-pressed locks focus...with Servo AF, half-press does not lock focus.

In fact, my own preference is that all settings become locked when the shutter button is half pressed. I was simply trying to say that, since it is obviously possible to lock all settings, why not do so in advance?

The idea is that you may not know the distance or the eposure of the scene you may suddenly decide to capture. If you just keep your camera pointed in front of you as you wander around, then when you decide to take an image of whatever is in front of you, the camera will be ready with correct focus and exposure.

I envision using full manual mode, including focus, pressing the "lock" button and then waiting for that decisive moment to photograph.

That makes no sense at all. When you're in full manual there's nothing to lock. No setting changes itself unless you manually change it...hence "manual" mode. What are you locking??


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