Understanding HD video G 11

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Re: Understanding HD video G 11

Does it make sense to ask for HD quality video but the G11 camera itself having a simple mono microphone? This is what comes to my mind concerning HD video.

I would prefer better sound when watching a HD clip, wouldn't you? Most HD movies nowadays have at least two channel (stereo) or 5.1 sound to go together with the increased quality visual. I find viewing HD clips or movies in mono or crappy sound just doesn't do it justice.

I would prefer at least a built-in stereo microphone to go together with HD clips or even the choice of attaching an external stereo mic (like the one provided on the 5D2) so if I really wanted a travel combo-cam with adequate stills with HD video and stereo sound, the SX1 (and related SX series) would be high on my list.

Furthermore if I shot Full HD videos, I may also need to invest in other hardware / software to view/edit the clips, since H264 codec needs more horsepower (and time) to process or transcode. My 3-year old dual core CPU can handle H264 @ 720p but not 1080p. For 1080p I need to delegate the task to my graphics card which accelerates it via DXVA for smooth playback.

Btw, I have G6, G10 and original 5D. I will get the G11 if it had positive reviews. I can finally retire the G6 which is now long in the tooth. IMO the G10 had better IQ, higher rez LCD and handling except for the flip out LCD which I found useful in certain situations.

Just my 2 cents opinion.

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