G11 shutter delay

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Re: G11 shutter delay

I completely agree. Here is my ideal compact:

No shutter lag

Fixed 50mm (35mm equivalent) f/1.4-f/11 (better yet, make this an interchangable lens body - though one would lose the compact nature I suppose)
APS-sized (3:2 ratio, however) sensor at 10 MP

5 selectable AF sensors (horiz and vert sensitivity) at the Power of Thirds points and center
ISO range of 25-800 (usable)
two SD card slots
Av, M, and Tv (don't waste processor with P and other shooting modes)
Built in slave driver for Canon flashes
Weather sealed

A menu system that mimics the 1D SLR series so that I can transfer back and forth during shoots
Black with no chrome highlights

Cost: I would be willing to $999 US for this set of specs and I would bet there are a lot of people out there who would do the same. It would be a business expense anyway...

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