OT: Best Looking Cameras In the World !!!

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OT: Best Looking Cameras In the World !!!

This thread is for those who think design matters. Here's my list:

1. Zeiss Ikon Bullseye
Get-out-of-my-way camera, weights about a kilo.

2. Polaroid SX-70
After being folded, it looks like a big Zippo or an old cell phone.

3. Leica IIIg
I always think Leica LTM cameras are even better looking than M cameras.

4. Olympus OM3Ti
I'm all enchanted by its dark gray finish. Wish I could own one some day.

5. Nikon F100
I actually like its back the best.

And of course:

6. Olympus E-1

My most cherished digital camera! The grip is the best part. Comfortable, and all important control buttons are placed right under my fingers.

Please feel free to add some or make your own list.

Best Regards,

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