G11 shutter delay

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Re: G11 shutter delay

Graystar wrote:

William Ing wrote:

I'm constantly amazed how seldom the issue of shutter lag comes up in these fora

That’s because the lag depends heavily on your camera settings.

If you set the camera to manual focus and set focus to infinity, and then just leave the camera at 28mm for street photography, there is no lag. That’s because the majority of the lag comes from focusing. So people learn to adjust.

Although it seems obvious and intuitive that shutter lag would be zero or very short when using manual settings, this is not true for my G9. Shutter lag is very noticable even when everything possible is turned off and manual exposure with manual focus is used. I don't understand it. In fact, if manual operation really resulted in near zero shutter lag, there would have been no need for Canon to come out with the "Quick Shot" mode.

The solution, of course, is the half-pressed shutter button. It's beyond me why the "Quick Shot" mode isn't simply a lock down of the half pressed shutter button.

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