50D TINY focus point driving me nuts (football)

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Re: 50D TINY focus point driving me nuts (football)

Today was another practice day for the team and I concentrated on the things suggested.

I happened to have a laser sight on me, since I use it for astronomy. One on each scope you know! Anyway, I installed it on top of my 50D and found that it would be a GREAT way to do this if it weren't for a few serious issues: one, it can easily get bumped and lose alignment while carrying/running or switching cameras; two, it's a bit harder to track since it's a small dot you're following; and three, the laser dot is TOO DIM to catch your eye while tracking a fast moving object in action. I can see where it would work if you had a nice solid metal laser sight that was really mounted SOLID. The guys DID think the laser was REALLY SLICK though!

For today, I really stuck with the two eyes open method. I've used it for the past few years off and on, but was hoping for something "easier." This time I concentrated on keeping my left eye open for the "big picture" and then using my right eye in the viewfinder when it was time to get the shot. Seems it's a matter of training my eye(s) when to hand off to the viewfinder for the real deal.

I've gone back and forth through the years from one method to the next; I think it's time to just stick to this method (the hardest to stick with) and with patience the shot numbers will go up.

I did pretty well today and have all next week to beat my eyes to death. OH, if it weren't so BLASTED hot every day... practicing for three hours in 100 degree heat gets killer for me. It was easier when I was 20 climbing mountians - now I'm 50 and the heat really gets to me!
I'm a wimp I know!
Thanks for all the help!

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