Your best lenses

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Your best lenses

I know there are lots of similar threads, but I wanted to start one of my own!

I was thinking about the best lenses I've ever owned, and without doubt they are in the following order:

1. 100mm f2: this is the lens I enjoy the most. small, light, very fast AF speed, large aperture, nice bokeh, best IQ of any lens I've used.

2. 70-200mm f4 IS: the best zoom I've used. just bought it. since it's white i may not use it much when traveling, but i think i'll enjoy it.

3. 50 1.4: not as good as the 100 f2, but better than my 17-55 in terms of IQ.

4. 17-55 IS 2.8: it's sharper than anything else I've owned in this range, but I keep looking for prime level IQ and being disappointed.

I'm not sure where I'd place my 100-400 IS since I use it as a specialized lens for wildlife only and can't compare it to anything else.

Of the lenses I owned and sold in the order of how fond I was of them (most fond comes first):

  • 50 1.8: liked it, but I think the 1.4 is a better lens.

  • 100mm macro: sold because I don't have the personality for macro photography, and although sharp as a general use lens, its AF was simply not fast enough to justify having it around, particularly when I already had the smaller, faster 100 f2.

  • 10-22: dropped it, messed it up, fixed it and then sold it. made me change lenses too many times in real life because of its limited range. didn't use it much.

  • Sigma 18-200 OS: liked the range and OS. didn't like the image quality, particularly on the 50D.

  • Canon 70-300 IS: liked the range. but AF too slow. small aperture. IQ above 200mm was hit or miss.

  • Tamron 24-135: nothing remarkable about it although it's probably not a bad lens.

  • Tamron 17-50: my copy was a lemon, so sent it back to the seller.

  • kit lens: not bad, but nothing remarkable.

  • Canon 75-300

I'd be interested in seeing others' lists.

Canon 50D, Canon 100 f2, Canon 17-55mm 2.8, Canon 100-400 IS, Canon 50 1.4, Canon 70-200mm f4 IS, Tamron Pro 1.4TC, Speedlite 430EX, Feisol 3402 + Giotto ballhead.

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