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who says $2700?

rrcphoto wrote:

James A. wrote:

I think you're right on this and I hope they throw in a 21 Point AF system. I really hope that the rumors are false in regards to the drive system being 3.9fps.

RedFox88 wrote:

It'll be a model to compete against the d300s, k7D.

aps-c, 13 to 14MP, video, stereo sound, near 1-series weather seals, 100% viewfinder, 7.5 to 8 fps, maybe a new AF system with more points, maybe even flip-out LCD, maybe integrated wireless flash?

We'll see in less than 2 weeks if indeed it's a real camera.

At $2699.99 it had better not be a canon D300 clone that would have nikon laughing all the way back to profitability.

Who is saying it's $2700? Someone at Best Buy saw that, but it was probably a temporary number to throw in there. If it's aps-c, which is seems like from people's opinion of what lens is on the 7D, it can't sell for more than $1700 and have it a worthwhile model. If you notice, Canon is always a little less expensive than nikon, e.g. 1Ds3, 1D3, 50D vs. d300, T1i vs. d90.

$2700 for an aps-c version of the 1D without vertical grip would be a dud! You can buy an actual 1D3 for just $1000 more now!

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