50D - Too Much Camera ?

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Re: You can NEVER have too much camera!

rrcphoto wrote:

Marc de Vries wrote:

Proof in numbers can also be found at photozone.de.

They retested a number of lenses with the 15MP sensor instead of the 8MP. All of the results are improved by the same margin. The reason being that the higher sensor allows you to get more detail from a lens.

what's more fasinating about the 8mp versus 15mp examples there is the corner performance between the tests.

in relative terms, the corners responded better under the 50D than prior with the 20/30D I believe they used .. a fact that actually surprised me.

You probably expected the improved performance only to be in the center where the lens is sharpest, and the extra MP would show extra detail?
Likely thinking that the lens is the limiting factor in the corners?

The interesting fact is that with these lenses, the sensor and lens resolution are equally important.

If the lens was the bottleneck you'd expect the resolution to be of little influence.
If the sensor was the bottlenek you'd expect the lens to be of little influence.

But neither is the case here. In the corners where you would expect the lens to be the bottleneck, the resolution still plays a major role.

The relationship between lens resolution, sensor resolution and resulting image resolution is roughly as follows:
1/sensor res + 1/lens res = 1/resulting image res.

When the values for sensor resolution and lens resolution are in the same order of magnitude both values play a big role in the resulting image resolution.

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