Moving from Nikon - Need Recommendation

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Re: Moving from Nikon - Need Recommendation

zndmazza wrote:

I thought if I was going to change manufacturers, it should be while I still didn't have an enormous amount invested in glass. Canon seems to have better priced zooms and cheaper priced lenses over all. The quality is still very nice though.

I do not know why so many people here are trying to convince you to stay with Nikon. Most people choose a brand without having enough experience and information. You know why you want Canon gear, and I think you have the right reasons.

I'm now torn between the original D90 and D300, or even going my original route of the XSi with the 70-200mm F4 IS or Non-IS version. If I go with the Non-IS version, I could go with the 50D.

I wonder though... Is it worth it to get the IS version?

I never owned the non-IS version but I am a happy owner of the IS version. Based on many reviews and other people's experience, the IS version is sharper, has lower CA (actually, I cannot see any that I should correct). It is not just an IS version of the old one, it has new opical design. The IS is very effective (not all IS's are created equal). I would definitely get the IS, as I did. At 200 mm, you need something like 1/320 sec to shoot handheld without IS. I have taken nice concert photos at 1/45 sec to 1/30 sec at 200 mm, and at 1/15 sec, 200 mm with a monopod. Even in good light, the IS helps to shoot at ISO 100.

You can have a look here:

The Non IS f4 is almost 500 dollars cheaper. Would a better lens or a better camera be better in this case?

I would always get the better lens. Cameras come and go, lenses stay longer. Still, there are a few very good reasons to get the 50D instead of the 500D. Why don't you wait for the new 60D - then there will be very good deals on new, refurbished and used 50Ds.

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