Mac shows blown areas where there are none?

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Driver problem? How to reinstall?

Hi all,

I went to an Apple dealer this morning to get help. We viewed my photostream on a current-generation MacBookPro which also was connected to a Cinema Display - both screens did not show the problem!

You even could see when we moved the Safari window from screen to screen, that the colors in the image slightly changed due to different color profiles assigned to the screens - neat! But: no blown areas on both displays.

I then thought it was a problem of my system version, 10.4.11, but I was corrected by Fred who mailed me examples of how my picture looks on his Mac - perfectly artifact-free under 10.4.11!

Next, I tried re-installing 10.4.11 from the combo update. That didn't change anything to my despair, so I'm clueless again.

Called Apple Service, they offered to walk me through their service routine for €49, of course without a guarantee the problem would be solved afterwards!!!

At least, they told me I could try two things: startup in "safe mode" or create a new "clean" user account and view the picture when looged in as that user. I tried both, in either mode I still saw the artifacts.

Any ideas, maybe on how to re-install the display driver for my machine to get rid of this annoying problem?


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