40D has bent pins why not use SD cards?

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Re: don't GLOAT - you will bent a PIN sooner than later

007peter wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

10 years, hasn't happened to me yet.

very well put Mark. Like I say the keyword here is YET . I'm glad it hasn't happen to you YET . Just because you had 10 years free doesn't mean it won't happen tomorrow. Where as SD card is PIN-LESS, no fear of breaking PIN whatsoever.

Keep in mind that the world doesn't revolved around you.

Nor does it you! You keep saying 'yet', as if it's a fact. It isn't.

As the original poster wrote:

it has already HAPPENED to the women he sold the camera to.

...still proves nothing.

Not fear mongering, but Bending CF Pin can be a rather costly repair job. Even if you're careful w/yr dslr, there is no guarantee yr brother or sister will. They might JAMMED the CF & bend a pin or two.

Yes, it's costly, everybody gets that. Still doesn't mean it's going to happen to everybody.

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