What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

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Re: Make that a 200-500 or 200-600.

Cetonid wrote:

Yeah, a 135-540mm or there abouts would be nice if they can keep it to 3kg or so. My only two fears about a 600mm top end is a $7K price tag and 4kg weight. Some of us like to shoot hand held since packing a proper tripod and gimbal head would add another 3-4kg.

I'm not hugely picky as far as the exact focal lengths, but it does need to get above 500mm.

They would have competition from Tamron and Sigma in this sort of lens to put pressure on keeping price down. I've got the 70-400 but still have to keep the Tamron 200-500. Just think if the 70-400 had of been a 70-500 with the 70-400's image quality.

Yep, if it's $7K it's way out of my price range. There's a Minolta 600 on ebay right now at that price. It's a new, never used one. I can just look, which is all I've ever been able to do on that lens.

At some point in long lenses no matter how much you like handheld you will end up packing a tripod. There are some lighter options for tripod heads than gimbals. Acratech finally sent me their long lens head and it's very light. Put that on my CF tripod and it would be quite light to pack. I've got to get out and do some shooting with it and see how it does. I'd hoped to have it for my west trip but that did not happen. Looks good and does not cost a lot.


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