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try printing both, and what quality?

if they come out the same, no damage done. Are you sure you are converting and saving the file at the MOST reduced jpg. quality instead of lowest?? Check your Convert and save box, 1-10, 10 being highest quality. The closest you can get to the original file is "10". [for the life of me I don't know why canon DPP is the exact opposite of most PPs on saving quality, which is usually the lowest number]....The lower the number, the colors can get a tad lighter also.

And if you are saving high dpi's you may reduce the look of sharpness if the size of the photo actually ends up larger on screen than actual print size. I do notice that happening often. [for instance if you cropped half a photo off, and saved it as a 300 dpi, it actually becomes a fairly small photo, so when you open it larger online it can become a little soft.] try saving it at 150dpis and see if its sharper at a larger size.

However it might be where you are viewing it from. I know DPP also views a tad different color also, than other PPs. [but I like it and even print from there often]

these are just my experiences...not a tutorial. You also might try googling the problem, you'd be amazed at what the Tutorials in PPs leave out!

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