Nikon SD-9 Best Bet ??

Started Aug 18, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikon SD-9 Best Bet ??

Lance K wrote:


I am looking for a power source for my D700 and D300. I have both the SB800 and SB900 flas units. I understand the SD-9 only works with the SB900.

I am looking for a unit that provides very fast recycle times and is portable... Is the SD-9 the best bet for me, or are there others that are faster/better?


Any of the Lumedyne Cyclers, with the VHUX being the fastest. It will recycle back to full power in 0.7 secs.

Even any of their other cyclers will recycle back to "full" power in 1,3 secs.

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