Canon Rebel DSLRs (xti, xsi, t1i) and lenses

Started Aug 15, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon Rebel DSLRs (xti, xsi, t1i) and lenses I asked the same question!

I asked the same question before my upgrading from a film Rebel to a Digital 450D...I wanted to stick with Canon because of the lenses I had. I enjoy the 18-55mm lens, it actually is a pretty good walk around lens. All my other lenses work, including one non-canon (Tamron 400 telephoto). Here's the deal though...all my other telephoto lenses did not have IMAGE STABILIZATION. These older lenses worked flawlessly on tripods, but not with hand-held shooting...and because of that, I pretty much ended up selling my old lenses and investing in newer canon lenses with IS you might want to consider the type of photos you take and whether or not the IS technology will play a more important role for you...I should make clear that I LOVE my new REBEL...if nothing else because there was not a whole lot of new stuff to learn to work with was pretty much the same as my old Rebel. Hope this helps

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