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Re: Why not full HD 1920x1080p???

rockjano wrote:

HD ready is nice but 1080p is a lot-lot better.

As far as I know the Canon 5DII is full HD???

first, 30 fps is not industry standard. film makers drool over 24fps, because of the look-they don't care for 30 fps.

Secondly, very few computer monitors at this time are capable of handling 1080p, so perhaps N thought it wouldn't be productive (whehehe) making a format few can use at this time. upscaling their video output isn't that difficult on the other hand. And very few people can tell the difference between true 1080p24 and an upscaled version when they're sitting on their couch, at a distance of three times the diagonal size of their screen.

Then again, perhaps N thought that someone wanting to shoot true 1080p will most likely buy a real video camera, not a photo camera with vid as a gadget-an analogy: would you rather use your mobile to take pics or or a real DSLR?

Or Nikon can't do it (but this is imo the most unlikely scenario)

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