What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

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Re: 51mm f1.4 -- a clear hole in the line

jim stirling wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

jamesdak wrote:

Wow, having a bad day Jim?? Henry just answered the question of the original OP something you did not do. So why the beef??

Thanks, James. It is surprising how angry people can get over posts that are just in fun and aren't even directed at anyone.

Hello Henry,

I would hardly say my post was angry, I just do not see the point in responding to reasonable posts with sarcasm. If it does not interest you why respond. I appreciate your response was only in humour ,but whatever jamesdak may think you hardly answered the question. I would say the only reply with even a hint of anger is the one from jamesdak to my post. As it happens I was having a very good day and no beef ,pork or lamb.

No big deal, I never get angry here either. This is one of the most entertaining places to be. Responses like yours to Henry just make me laugh in wonder when folks don't find things humorous. So are just so serious about their gear. To me, the serious part is the image itself not what it was taken with.

P.S. A little humor now and then never hurt anyone.

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