What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

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Re: 50mm f:.95.....

Gil Knutson wrote:

Sony should show the world that they ARE serious about lenses... like Canon does. Canon makes these oddball lenses that get people looking. The 50mm f:.95 is another statement lens they have... why not show the world what they can design and create... and this lens surely would do it. Make it sharper and better than Canon, and sell it for $10 less than Canon does!!

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Sardis, BC

i would really love a f0.95 lense.

Canon's version is not for SLRs though, they made it for rangefinder.

Its is available second hand in this shop. I think they also have f1.2 rokkor.

edited to add, yes they have rokkor

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one among others

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