What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

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Re: Not going to happen.

domk275 wrote:

I will repeat: that is NOT going to happen. The Pentax is MF, and from that I'm going to guess that it's very old, and hence, I'm going to assume it's not available new, only second hand. So let's consider: it's manual focus, a very old design, and it's only available second hand. Of course it's going to be cheaper than a brand new, autofocus (USM), relatively new design Canon version. There is absolutely no way in hell that Sony would release a 50/1.2 priced anywhere near the Pentax price, let alone lower. if such a lens did come along, it would be almost certainly more than the Canon's price, considering it will be a brand new design, and that it'll be Sony branded. If you think it qould come anywhere near $700, you are deluded.

Did you check the link i posted, that is link to a shop near me and is very famous in japan. I have been to that shop and held that lense many times.

Read again:

It is available new, not second hand for that price .

Though i bought second hand version for 180 dollars 2 months ago. And for my first version also second hand i paid only 100$ (few years ago).

It may be old design, but at wide open it is as sharp as canon's version plus it is better in few things. Canon's version is expensive because:
1. It is L lense, thus like all others it is expensive.
2. Canon's version has aspherical element, pentax version has not.

(best thing about pentax' lense is very compact for f1.2 lense, looks like a kid in front of canon's giant).

Anyway this lense for 700$ new is definitely possible (it was few months ago actually, but $ value has faltered).
Though i agree one thing that Sony would not release it for that price.

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