Going on safari -- help needed

Started Aug 16, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Thanks to all for the suggestions

I just posted some pictures in another place showing some Ugandan birds taken with the FZ28 and Nikon 1.5x teleconvertor.


Just to say, i think it's worth putting in a teleconvertor unless you are really strapped for weight - I think the Oly and Nikons are only around 250 grams. Great for birds, and far lighter than a 500mm LSR lens, and whilst ideally the big game will saunter right up to your car, don't be disappointed if you only see lions from a few hundred metres away. It happens, and when it does you will be glad of the longest lens possible.

Can't really advise on dust - obviously a compact is more sealed than an SLR but if dust gests inside you are stuck. Probably not a bad idea to bring a towel with you as suggested - you can wrap it over the camera when not shooting, and when you are shooting it's a handy beanbag replacement for balancing the camera on.

Oh, and make sure you have an adequate supply of charged batteries, and a charger that works in the country you are going to!


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