AF speed D700 slower than D3? how come ?

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D2 focusing system

RoccoGalatioto wrote:

I find that the D2X is better at focusing that the d300/d700. I focus with the thumb on the dial on the back to constantly put the focus point where I want it. If I use the camera to chose I usually get slow responses at times from all three but much better response from the D2X. The problem is that the dial on the D700 is small and really cheap. So it'd harder to control the focus points. I should avoidf AF altogether.

I've always gotten along extremely well with the D2 Af system, using single point to track subjects. I still clearly remember an experience photographing model planes, and the D2x AF would perfectly follow the plane on its landing rollout, even after being blocked from view at times. I also like the sets of focusing groups that it offers for dynamic modes. The one largest problem with the system, is that the group modes aren't supported with enough processing throughput, and tracking capability slows substantially. That's one place where the newer CAM3500 system helps so much.

Some D2x bodies seem afflicted with backfocusing. Mine was initially, but after a couple of trips to the repair shop, they managed to adjust it so well, that I can now put literally any of my lenses or lens + TC combinations in front of it, and it will simply nail the focus. Very impressive, and very fortunate since there is no AF fine tune.

Interestingly, my new D3x seems endowed with the same quality; I haven't had to touch AF fine tuning yet! I'm beginning to think the 'x' stands for pixie, as in magic pixie dust.

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