What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

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Re: a reasonably priced 50mm f1.2 or faster would do.

yaa this reasonably priced thing is bone of contention, pentax version is around 700 dollars where as canon's L is 1500 dollars.

Canon can autofocus and has L written on it (and physically its huge), where as
pentax one is pretty compact for f1.2 but only manual focus.

wide open both are almost equal in iq, may be canon has little bit more resolution, but pentax was rated best in f1.2s (test did not include canons L though).
(canons version has higher CA and vignetting at wide open).

Anyway seeing this i guess
500 - 600$ would be reasonable. But then others might not want to pay this much.

o yes, that rokkor 58mm f1.2 has good reputation and at the moment available in second hand, if sony tells pricing of a850, i decide on grabing it.

Pricing of a850 is going to decide if my future is pentax or sony.

Edward Karaa wrote:
I'm not sure how reasonably priced such lens would be

zxaar wrote:

a reasonably priced 50mm f1.2 or faster would do.

Sony does not have this fast prime, while others have.

There is one rokkor f1.2 in 50s i think, but is it usable and in production is not clear to me.

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