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Jim Engel Forum Member • Posts: 66
New Computer Time

My computer is going on six or seven years old,
and getting to seem a little slow.

Over the past ten years we have probably purchased
six or seven computers from Dell, and had absolutely no
hardware problems I can remember, computers got
given away to family members when they got

My wife was in the graphics business, so I needed to
keep her computers up to date, and they were all
legitimate business deductions.

So unless there is some game changer I don't see,
it will be another Dell.

So, my requirements.

I don't do games, could care less.

Running whatever PhotoShop is for the next several
years as fast as possible is my highest priority.

Need to be able to run other things like Word and perhaps
PageMaker concurrently.

So, the questions.

Is a quad four processor worth the couple hundred bucks
over the duel core ?

32 Bit or 64 Bit ?

Wait for the new operating system, or get yet another
XP downgrade ?

Obviously, buy lots of memory, 4 Gig if 32bit, more if
64 bit.

What about video cards, are they only important for gamers ?

I run a good quality - like about $600 - Dell monitor, 24 inch I think,
and one on the side. But I would like to be able to run the best
monitor a thousand dollars will buy over the next few years.

Any help greatly appreciated.....

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