What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

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William Curtindale
William Curtindale Veteran Member • Posts: 7,981
Re: FF 24-135mm (with wide open constant aperture)

ephankim wrote:

William Curtindale wrote:

I would like to see a 24-135mm G or CZ with a very wide open constant aperture (say between 2.8 and 3.5). This would be a replacement for the Minolta 28-135.

I'm afraid such a lens would be too large.
A 28-135/4 would already be a great lens.

Yes, a 24-135mm f/(something wide open) would be larger than my Minolta 28-135mm.

But I expect it would be smaller than my 70-400mm G or 70-200mm f/2.8 G. Yes, there are many compromises when we are asking for a quality lens with large zoom range and a wide open aperture (the question was what would I like for a new lens - that's it - yes I can tolerate some what larger and some what exspensive).

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