What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

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plesbit wrote:

Phixel wrote:

and none. The Sony lenses made only for APS-C just don't have the value and quality I expect and need in a lens, and I don't think that will change because Sony is unfortuately married to Tamron with their lousy in-lens motors and poor build quality. Sony have some nice (and expensive) lenses for full frame cameras, but their APS-C line is inferior compared to others in terms of value, IQ and build quality.

That's just nonsense. Sorry but it is. The 16-80 ZA is probably the best APS-C lens in existence, at least in terms of IQ.

Maybe, but it is not consistent in the zoom range. It has some bad spots.

I'll agree the build is not up to its Nikon counterpart but it is with its Canon one.

If you think the 16-80 ZA is worth the price for good optics and poor build design/quality than good luck with that. According to the manager of my local SonyStyle store the 16-80 ZA has the highest percentage of them returned lens than any other lenses. He also said the only place to get them fixed properly is in Japan (lucky Japanesse!).

I'll also agree on the price front - both it and the 16-105 are priced far higher than they should be. The 16-105 also lacks nothing in terms of IQ, or even build, compared to its peers. It's only shortcoming is its price.

It is not as good as the Nikon Nikon 18-105 and costs more.

The 18-250 is just about the best around - okay maybe the new Sigma has a slight IQ edge but here the tables are reversed and its the Sigma which is priced highly whereas the Sony is the cheaper alternative.

Not true, the Sigma is not just $50 less than the Sony, but is better built, has HSM, and OIS as well!
Sigma 18-250: $529
Sony 18-250: $579
(Prices at Amazon US)


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