What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

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Re: 51mm f1.4 -- a clear hole in the line

jim stirling wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

I would never consider FF until Sony fills this gaping hole in their lens line. Where is the 51mm f1.4? How can Sony ever be considered a serious player if they can't get the simple stuff right?

Next should be a CZ 24-71mm f2.8. I could go on with all the obvious problems in the lens line-up. A 100mm f2.85 macro is also dearly needed.

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Henry Richardson

If as your post seems to indicate you find the subject of this thread pointless. Why not just ignore it instead of taking the time to be facetious. Asking users of a camera system which lens they would like hardly seems unreasonable.

Wow, having a bad day Jim?? Henry just answered the question of the original OP something you did not do. So why the beef??

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