What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

Started Aug 15, 2009 | Discussions thread
JasperD Senior Member • Posts: 2,662
135/f1.8 SSM

I was about to say something like 600/f4G, then I realized the pricetag such a lens would come with, having Sony´s brand on it! Look at the 300G compared to other usual brands... ;(

So something simple then, just in my reach after some heavy savings. Hopefully. SSM in the two CZ primes lacking it, the one in subject being the favorite for next purchase...

I must confess I´m not using any Sony glass right now, only Sigma. But meanwhile there is the 70-400G on the list for purchase very soon now. I have hesitated with Sigma´s 120-400, but it lacks the EX characters (with some consequence here in Switzerland) and although I´ve seen really great shots with it, and its bigger sister the 150-500, the overall impression is very much in favor of the G. Also considered Sigma´s 100-300/f4 which I think would be a close match (with 1.4TC), but that one is lacking HSM. Which is a revelation for me since I bought the Sigma 50/f1.4, so much that I will not purchase any new lens not having it.

Nice thread Carl, let´s see how big that often quoted huge gap in Sony´s line up really is!

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