After the Honeymoon; the PEN

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After the Honeymoon; the PEN

Before I begin the discussion, I'd like to share three assumptions .

1.) I believe that the 5d M2 is a better DSLR than the Olympus DSLRs...more & higher quality pixels. 2.) Gearhead versus "artist" mentality. I.E., is the camera just a tool OR an end in itself? In my case a mix of both (ratio?). 3.) "Less is more" is better. I amazed at the variety & numbers of lenses owned by members of the forum.

First & formost, the discussion is not an apologetics. But, I hope, a concern about the direction of Olympus relative to their m4/3s line. And it revolves around the ambivalent advantages of the PEN versatility...the Adapters.

Attraction to the PEN began with assumption # 2. And I bought prior to the DPreview field test.

Is Olympus committed to m4/3s? Buying more 4/3s lenses is not viable for me as I don't plan to buy a Olympus DSLR. Assumption # 1.

Future buys would be Olympus m4/3s optics. Assumption # 3.

There, got my concern off my mind!

Onto the specifiics of my PEN. I now own the 17, 25, 50 macro, & just got the 14-54 MII. Like I said, this where I draw the line for buying Olympus glass; until more m4/3s lenses are released.

Not one of the "disadvantages" of the PEN; lack of viewfinder, slow AF, & a complex menu were a problem for me. In fact, I really like the menu; its ability to shape the camera for my operating style is awesome.

I love the IQ of the PEN & find it a delight to work with. I now shoot every day whereas before very little with my Canon gear. "Bulk".

And regarding the 14-54 MII; Wow! I must have goten a good copy; sharp & contrasty at all f-stops/focal lengths. However, I'm still learning how to handle the combo as smoothly as the less "bulky" lenses.

All in all, a great introduction to Olympus glass & their excellent tech suppport. And, last but not least, a great & helpful forum. A hellva lot of "fun" to read!

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