What lens would you like to see introduced next by Sony?

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and none. The Sony lenses made only for APS-C just don't have the value and quality I expect and need in a lens, and I don't think that will change because Sony is unfortuately married to Tamron with their lousy in-lens motors and poor build quality. Sony have some nice (and expensive) lenses for full frame cameras, but their APS-C line is inferior compared to others in terms of value, IQ and build quality.

Sigma makes much better quality APS-C lenses than Sony, and sells them for much less in most cases. Sigma also has all the ranges covered nicely for the APS-C only lenses for the A-mount, and they are quickly moving to all in-lens HSM motors so they will still work on the first new Sony DSLR camera that does not have a lens motor in the body (just a matter of time on that one!)

If Sony were smart they would just rebadge all the Sigma line for their APS-C lenses and be done with it. It's obvious that Sony has no interest in the APS-C line of lenses when they have not even upped the build on the ZA 16-80, but rather upped the price instead!

I found it interesting that David Kilpatricks stated that the majority of his lenses for his Sony cameras are Sigma. The full frame G and Zeiss lenses aside, I can't think of any reason to even consider purchasing a Sony lens.

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