Photos of A950, A800, A500 mock-ups

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Re: Photos of A950, A800, A500 mock-ups

Biggs23 wrote:

WaltKnapp wrote:

But now that you mention it people who are stuck on a film format and have a deep need to harass anyone using any other format (like APS for instance) do sure look like luddites.

Clean up your own act as to how you behave about other's choices.

I could not care less what format you or anyone else chooses. I have no cleaning that I need to do, my 'act' is fine. I'm just sick of you asserting that anyone who prefers FF to APS-C is an idiot. I don't mind that you like APS-C, you shouldn't care that I'd like another FF body.

I think his point was that he didn't like the extra bulk with the non-removable ggrip...

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