AF speed D700 slower than D3? how come ?

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Re: And I would add

Marianne Oelund wrote:

P.S.: You can strike #3. I've already proven that battery voltage has no effect on AF drive speed. This applies to both AF-S lenses, and the camera's built-in AF motor.


I can see that you are very competent but how can you be sure about that? Unless you have the microntroller code of what Nikon is really doing or the schematics showing a regulator in the middle a close loop control like that might be be influenced in speed by the PWS. The nominal battery voltage may be the same but it could be that we have a voltage drop due to the limited current provided by the single battery. How did you measure that? All the self tuning close system like this that I designed in my career potentially could have been influenced by power considerations, indeed we were taking precautions to minimize that, usually you go big with capacitors and traces to avoid that. These servos in certain condition can drain a lot of power.

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