AF speed D700 slower than D3? how come ?

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Marianne Oelund Veteran Member • Posts: 7,353
And I would add

Gabriele Sartori wrote:

Agree and there is more to it. The power system in the D700 is inherently weaker. This is proven by the 5fps Vs 8fps of the D3. There is a very high probability that the AFS motor is influenced as well. A 1:1 test would need to take into account the extra battery grip. With the grip the FPS becomes 8 and the AFS speed will probably be just like the D3. Without testing this way there is no test, so:
1) Same lens
2) exact same conditions
3) extra grip and battery

I would add:
4) large number of repetitions of each measurement
The AF system is fickle and inconsistent, so a statistical approach is required.

P.S.: You can strike #3. I've already proven that battery voltage has no effect on AF drive speed. This applies to both AF-S lenses, and the camera's built-in AF motor.

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