To GRD3 owners - a few quick questions

Started Aug 13, 2009 | Discussions thread
Joel Stern
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When I think of single focal length the term that would never come to my mind would be "overly limiting". a 28mm lens is capable for landscapes, buildings, street use for sure, hiking in the woods where I rarely ever zoom. Maybe it is me but I have found that a lens performs to my eye best at it's widest, and zooming in usually is a way to lose something along the way. A DSLR user would spend well over $800 for a lens this good, sure they would not have noise issues with most DSLR's today, but they would have a large camera. So it is strange to think of a couple of smaller cameras, if the smaller sensor is not a huge concern to one (rhetorical question).

I would like to have at my disposal a 24 or 28, 35, maybe a 100. Longer is good from time to time, not overly used by me, but sometimes one does need the reach. So you could carry two little cams in a messenger bad, light, easy to get to and in the case from what I have seen from the GRD3, really wonderful IQ and low noise (for me that is). I like it, I don't like the price for me right now but I think this looks like a great camera.

Overall how have the GX's compared with the GR's in IQ and all else?

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