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Re: Replacement????

I have tried the suction cup method on the 50D with no success. I got a cup just the right size for the screen and with considerable force eventually the cup came off without the screen budging one bit. In discussion with Lehmann's (UK Repairer) they normally have to take the back off the camera and talked about dripping solvent onto the adhesive window that holds the screen in place to loosen the glue before removal. You could try heating the screen up a bit but rapidly the risks you are taking with the camera outweigh the supposed benefits of trying to do it yourself.

With respect to the argument that the rear LCD cover is already protecting the actual LCD, it all boils down to personal choice. Some people dont like scratches on their exterior screen even though the operation of the camera itself is unaffected: it is far easier the remove a sticky pad than the LCD cover. I have previously owned a D60 and 20D and never bothered with covers, but managed to scratch my 50D screen fairly quickly. I tried rubbing displex on it to polish out the scratch and after two minutes only managed to rub off a huge area of the the anti reflective coating.

The position of the screen on the 50D is frustrating becasue you invariably smudge it when offering it up to your face. The hoodman flip up screen cover is quite good although the viewfinder view is slightly compromised by the attachment method. I also had to use double sided tape to hold the hoodman onto the rear screen as it attaches via the eyepiece mounting and the flipping up means you have to pull the hood away from the camera which would eventually lead to dirt getting between the screen you are protecting and the hoodman clear screen (IMO a redundant feature)

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