Easy way to toggle Debug mode on K10D with 1.30 FW

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Easy way to toggle Debug mode on K10D with 1.30 FW


Just in case you are looking for an easy way to toggle on/off the Debug mode on your K10D with 1.30 FW, there is a new way of doing so. No external SW/cables are required.

The method is based on the information published here:

1. Use a notepad to create a file MODSET.TXT with the following line:

2. Save the file on the root directory of your SD flash card (either use the USB cable to connect to the camera or an external SD flash reader).

Now you are ready to Enable/Disable the Debug mode on the best camera in the world :).

To Enable the Debug mode:
1. Turn off your camera
2. Open the SD flash card door and leave it open
3. Turn on your camera. Now you should see the Debug Menu on your screen
4. Close the SD flash door

5. The menu stays on the screen. The first line of the Menu should read "Debug mode ". Use "-> " button to toggle the Debug mode and to set it to Enable

6. Press "OK". Half pressing the shutter will have the "Debug mode" appear on the screen. Now you can have your fun with the AF corrections.

Please note, that if you switch the camera off and on, you will get back to the "Debug menu" again. You will also get back to this menu when the camera wakes up from the standby. Hitting "OK" will bring you back to the shooting mode with the "Debug mode" showing on your screen.

To Disable the "Debug mode" (all AF corrections are still stored in memory)
1. Switch off the camera
2. Turn the camera on
3. At the "Debug menu" use "-> " button to disable the "Debug mode"

4. Press "OK" button. That's it. The "Debug mode" has gone. To Re-enable it, see above :).

Special thanks to the creator of the http://www.pentax-hack.info blog.

Happy shooting,

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