D300s initial testings = positive

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D300 Initial tests

The next time I get my hands on the body will be likely the day it hits the shelves and be available for sale and demo'd in it's production and final firmware stage: let's hope it doesn't get de-tuned! (LOL). I remember reading a report from Imaging Resource indicating they had a pre-production D700 body that was faster at focusing than the final-production body.

I think the D300 with FAST glass was always fast, especially with firmware 1.01A/B. 2.8 lenses with silent wave motors and fast screw-driven primes zipped to focus w/o hesitation. However with slower lenses like the 18-200mm VR and the 70-300mm VR it is a different story: the Tamron w built-in motor was a snail and was slower to focus on the D300 than the D50 in single AF point selected: especially in low-light. This was a area I wasn't happy with my D300 (calibrated by Nikon in El Segundo CA).

A good trick I used on the D300 was to change FOCUS to RELEASE priority in AF-S (single servo) when shooting stationary subjects. This way I didn't have to wait for the D300 to actually slew and "micro" focus the lens many times and then BEEP (if you had it on) to allow you to take the pictures. Canon cameras don't have this irritating micro-focus. It however makes sure your focus is dead spot on if you allowed it to confirm and beep: its just dead slow with slower focusing lenses.

I used the D300 with release priority in AF-S mode for over a year and was very successful with shooting stationary subjects by moving the focus points to their eyes: images were nice and sharp all the time. I continued to share this concept with D300 shooters and most say it made the D300 much faster.

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