Another “Which lenses should I take on my trip” question.

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Re: Another “Which lenses should I take on my trip” question.

From the experience of six weeks in South America last October/November:

D300 with lots of memory cards and some way to back them up, e.g., laptop.

16-85mm (16mm is wide enough outside of European streets and is much wider than 18mm. The trouble of changing lenses while walking along is not worth it. Yes, you'll miss a half-dozen shots in Xian.)

70-300mm VR and some sort of two-element closeup lens, e.g., Mitsumi, Canon, or a Nikon 5T or 6T on a 62-to-67mm converter for closeups.

35mm f/1.8 DX as things aren't lit all that well in many places in Asia.

SB-400 and cable to get it off the camera (it won't sync from the built-in flash, but it's so small and light you won't care), especially for closeups, in lieu of a tripod.

Extra battery for camera and two extra sets for SB-400.

Extra recharger and cable (for when you forget and leave one plugged in at the last hotel).

Air blower

Folding circular diffuser for closeups if sun is high in sky

Nikon lens/filter wipes.

Things for your reaction to the bad air--eye drops, asthma meds possibly

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