Won a amateur competition should I tell them about the D3?

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Re: No reason at all to be embarrassed or concerned

Take the win. Once again, it's not the camera.

You might like this story... and yes, it's true.

A year ago my wife and mother-in-law were getting on me about entering a few pictures in a local art competition for the photography category. It was a local small competition with around 55 entries. I finally entered all of 3 days before the thing and the night before put some pictures in frames to take.

The day of, when they had the names of the winners displayed by the pictures, I was talking to a friend of my mother-in-law who entered a few pictures (but did not know that I entered).

She was going off on how the only people that won were the ones who blew the prints up to 11x14 or bigger and bought expensive frames and yada yada yada. I just told her I didn't think so and walked away.

A half hour later she came back up to apologize because my mother-in-law ended up telling her that I won.

I explained that the shot was taken on my Nikon D50, 18-55mm kit lens, printed out from fotki 8x10 for $1.50 and put in a $8 frame from Big Lots. She was quite taken aback by this.

Basically, someone will probably get angry about it, but they don't really know what they are talking about.

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