Need camera recommendation for adventure trip

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Re: Need camera recommendation for adventure trip

I'm not very familiar with the Nikon lenses. But anything like the very good value Canon 75-300 IS USM:

...will probably meet your needs of image quality and budget limitations, not knowing your budget. The only drawback is that such a lens has no wide-angle capability.

For the Canon (or Nikon equivalent) 100-400 IS or Sigma 80-400 OS, you are making a jump in price. Maybe you can afford it?

If you are picky about image quality, stay away from the super-zoom all-in-one lenses like the 18-200 or 18-270 zooms from Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, etc. They are too much of a compromise for critical shooting for my tastes, though I have one for casual snapshots that won't be enlarged much.

But if weight and a single lens with wide-to-tele range is more important than image quality or max focal length, and you won't enlarge many pics to 8x10 or bigger, one of those all-in-ones might be OK for you.

I have a Sigma 18-200 for those times when I want to travel with only one lens and can't anticipate the focal lengths that I'll need. It's merely OK for that, and I've gotten some good shots when stopping down to f/11 or so, but I wouldn't even bother taking it on a safari, as the long end is just not long enough in my (limited) wildlife experience.

Judy Stone wrote:

Thanks David. I'm aware of the weight/size factor when it comes to climbing. Also I do have a fair budget for a quality camera, but of course not even close to a Natgeo gear!. Having said this, and since I already have a portable cam (Canon G9), my idea is to jump to the next step and purchase a dSLR camera body with a single lens that will suit both needs (mountain+safari), that won't be that heavy or big. Something that will approach the quality of the Nikon D700, but not as expensive or big. Any idea?

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