[News]Samsung 85mm/f1.4 for K-Mount Test Shot

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Re: [News]Samsung 85mm/f1.4 for K-Mount Test Shot

WobblyGoblin wrote:

I'd love it to be true - hopefully Samsung's pricing wouldn't follow the recent Pentax increases though

I presume the lens in question is just the rebranded Pentax version. Wasn't there a picture of a range of Samsung-branded Pentax lenses that have never materialised?

By Koean source...

The lens in question was fully designed and fabricated by samsung digigal imaging, not the rebranded Pentax version.

I do have my doubts about a lot of these rumours. It seems vaguely odd to me that the picture seems to have been taken at a dinner table...

This rumour is real !
In my opinion, the lens in question is under testing.

Hopefully my natural skeptism will prove wrong and we will have a nice range of (quality) Samsung lenses to choose from in the near future.

I also 100% agree on your opinion.

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