Arctic trip with E420

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Arctic trip with E420

A while ago, I asked for some advice for a lense to complement my 14-150 PanaLeica. I ended buying the 70-300 Olympus due to budget.

In early July, I went up to Somerset Island in Nunavut (Canada), just under the 74th parallel. It was an amazing trip!
The scenery was grand, saw belugas, musk oxen and 1 polar bear.

Now the 70-300 Oly lens was limiting since I have an e420 (no IS) but the PanaLeica lens was great as usual.

Below is a small sample of some of the photos. I do not want to post anyone's face without their permission so I cannot post some photos that are quite nice. Enjoy.

Bowhead whale vertebrae:

I played around with saturation:

The polar bear was far and it was quite misty/rainy out:

A very young polar bear skull... Inuits say that if you find a polar bear skull, you should place the skull facing the ocean, that way it's spirit can return to where it belongs:

Cunningham Inlet:

Seaweed stuck in an ice floe:

An 8000 yr old bowhead skeleton about 20 kms inland (most of these island were the ocean bed 8000 yrs ago):

Surprised some musk oxen while rafting:

This was taken at 11pm:

BTW, the belugas specifically go to Cunningham Inlet to rub on the pebbley bottom to help shed their winter 'skin'.

The camp:

Flat view
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