Have you any regrets in buying the A700

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Re: Yes

alex904 wrote:

People at Sony read this thread and there will not be an A700 replacement for a long time.

Probably you need less think about replacement and take more pictures. It will help.

In the last two days I took more than 500 pictures. Does that sound like not taking enough pictures?

It's silly to think that those of us who are keeping a eye on replacement don't take pictures. It's because we take pictures that we always have a game plan about replacement. If our camera breaks or is lost in some way we don't want any down time and we want to make the best choice at the time. We don't want to make a rush job of choosing.

It's not just cameras, but most of the major equipment I have and depend on I keep track of developments and what I'd use for replacement. For the same reason.

Taking pictures will help to remind you to keep track of replacements.


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