Scanning Slides

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Scanning Slides

I have two to three thousand of my dear old Dads slides that are taking up valuable wardrobe space.

Naturally I don't want to just throw them out and have been wondering for sometime about scanning them into my computer and then burning them to a DVD.

The newsletter from my local camera shop advertised that they can transfer 35mm slides to DVD. So I contacted them for a price. AUS$2.50 per slide. That seemed a bit expensive.

The shop suggested that I could buy a scanner and do the job myself. They suggested a QPix Film Scanner FS-013600 DPI/48Bit. Comes with neg/slide tray. Holds 3x slides at a time and 6x negs on separate tray . Takes 5 seconds per slide.
Costs AUS$150.00

Do the maths. At $2.50 per slide, after only 60 slides the scanner will have paid for itself.

What are your thoughts? Is the scanner of good quality? Do you think I would find the process too labour intensive and give it up after a while?

Appreciate your input.

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