AF speed D700 slower than D3? how come ?

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Quite right, this thread is rubbish.

This thread is rubbish, but not for the reason that Mayonaka gave. It's rubbish because of the frank idiocy of those folks who seriously expect every last bit of D3 performance in the much more compact D700.

Who needs extensive test charts. Don't you guys have any common sense?

em_dee_aitch wrote:

You can find the AF speeds on these pages. Note that these are the AF speeds ONLY and not the total system lag time. In AF only, you can see that the D700 takes a good 25 percent longer (at the two extremes, with variation in the middle) to focus than the D3. Other differences will combine to make it perceptibly slower, as if that's not already enough... Professionals frequently test the low-light limit, where the D3 advantage is over 25 percent and it focuses to a slightly lower EV level. That's pretty huge.
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