Canon 5D Mark I or 50D?! Help please!

Started Aug 10, 2009 | Discussions thread
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James Bullington wrote:

I bought the original 5D, which I enjoyed very much. Also bought a 40D (this gets complicated) which I sold to a fellow pro when the 50D came out. I was not satisfied with the 50D as much as I had been with the 40D so I traded back for my 40D, sold him my 5D, and bought the 5D Mark II.

Now you know more than you wanted but I only went into detail to let you know I had experience with all the cameras. In hindsight, I should have probably kept the 50D as it is a 40D on steroids. Great camera. I also love the 5D Mark II. I just shot the cover for an upscale magazine and have had alot of compliments on the picture quality produced by the 5DMKII. A good pair of lens that will do about anything you need to do with either camera is the 24-105 and the 75-300mm. I have a variety of lens that mostly gather dust because those are my two workhorse lens.

If you study hard and learn to use the 50D you will capture some great images. Remember, it is not the brand of the hammer but the skill of the carpenter that counts.
Good luck.
JBull Photo

Do you find the 75-300 to be good enough on 5D MK II?

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